iPodCraft Server

18th Jan, 2023

iPodCraft Server

This is iPodWoman123 and I am the owner of this server: iPodCraft. The Admin is torak289 and the assistant Admin is hunter611. So if you have any question feel free to ask the admins or me (iPodWoman123).

The server is hosted by minecrafthost.ca
And the website/forum is hosted by webs.com
Server ip:ipodwoman123.dyndns.org:25571

Also, donate so the server can get better! And if you donate you will get extra perks!
There are 28 slots atm so get on fast! If you decide to join and would like to build, please post a build right application in our forum AFTER reading the template.
And all the information/tutorials/command lists are in the forum too.

Plugins we have for now…
– ChestShop
– CreeperHeal
– Essentials
– Falsebook
– GroupManager
– LimitedCreative
– LogBlock
– MobDisguise
– Multiverse
– NoCheat
– Orebfuscator
– Ptweaks
– SimpleJail
– SimpleRegionMarket
– SimplyVanish
– Worldedit
– Worldguard
– betterbroadcast
– ecoCreature
– iConomy